Gillian Browne


Finalist AC&E Awards 2015 – Customer Acquisition Campaign

Mid-sized company CFOs wouldn’t answer our calls and Amex corporate Card rates were declining. During the campaign, there was a complete flip in behaviour. CFOs were actually calling us. 35 CFOs are now Amex clients as a direct result of this campaign. That’s $69 million p.a. in potential billings.

So how did we do it? We understood the CFO’s focus had shifted. They’re no longer just concerned with a company’s day-to-day finances. They’re now in charge of future proofing.

By switching our approach from marketing to thought leadership, we changed the perception of American Express from an everyday payment method to an essential future-proofing tool.

Changing the CFO’s job title from Chief Financial Officer to Chief Future Officer was simple and effective. By switching one word we said so much about the evolving role of the CFO and our understanding of it. It also appealed to the CFO’s ego which is always a plus.

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